rsgestalt.js is an ongoing computer imaging research and design project exploring how JavaScript + HTML Canvas may be used for computational drawing and animation. This library has four interrelated components  — colorsstructuresarrangements, and movements.
📋 Although, colors are a native feature of HTML Canvas, within rsgestalt.js, 139 web safe colors are treated as objects with color name, hex value, and red, green, and blue values as parameters. There is a function to randomize these colors and functions to randomize these colors within specific color groups (blacks, reds, purples, etc.). Native JavaScript methods for creating radial and linear gradients are wrapped in functions for ease of use. Most structure functions take parameters (c1, c2) for color selection  -- "c1" for fill color and "c2" for stroke color.
📋 Structures are singular instances of forms. They can be organized into static compositions or into animated scenes. Structures include basic polygons and iterations of polygons, and complex forms like hypotrochoidsepitrochoids, and lissajous curves. See more examples here
📋 Arrangements are static organizations of forms. This includes regular tiling using a grid and circle packing on a rectangular plane. Any structure may also be used as a method of arrangement if it utilizes parametric equations. 
📋 Movements are animated organizations of forms. All forms and arrangements have the ability to be animated.
rosemary(sX, sY, rad, cons);
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