Use your cursor or finger to draw barricades by pressing and holding down on the canvas area. Double click a barricade square to convert it back to a pathway.

October 2019 Update
There are now two types of ants in Myrmex — little ants and big ants. 
Little ants are generated by the composition. They leave neon green formic trails. They cannot go past barricades and will bounce off them if they get too close. You may drag and drop little ants around the canvas. You may also double click/tap a little ant to destroy it.
Big ants leave cyan formic trails. They cannot be dragged, and they destroy barriers and consume little ant formic trails.  You may double click/tap a big ant to destroy it.
When ants are destroyed they leave remains. You may drag and drop remains. Remains destroy formic trails upon contact.
The remains of little ants are pink. Little ant remains have a 5-second window of toxicity. If another little ant touches these remains within this window of toxicity, that little ant will also be destroyed. Destroy a little ant in close proximity with other little ants and watch the chain reaction. If the window of toxicity passes and a little ant comes into contact with little ant remains, the little ant will be transformed into a big ant. When big ants come into contact with little ant remains, they consume them. 
When big ants are destroyed, they leave larger, darker remains. When little ants come into contact with these remains, they consume them and duplicate themselves. When big ants come into contact with big ant remains, they simply consume them.
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