VenusBot 2015 generates a random non sequiter every hour and explores the relationship between coherence and nonsense by using a finite amount of words and a simplified syntax.
Example Tweets
Lab Notes
Nouns: nectar, structure, structures, vault, vaults, murals, mural, wax, paint, stucco, space, field, fields, closet, hallway, corner, stone, stones, bitch, bitches, copy, copies, original, originals, anecdote, anecdotes, variation, variations, theme, Venus, red, umbre, shadow, shadows, wall, walls
Verbs: sourced, turned, me,Ted, made, waxed, corbelled, painted, became, situated, bitched, refused, reduced, burned, shadowed, copied.
Auxiliary verb: have
Adjectives: sour, melted, fine, hexagonal, waxy, corbelled, organic, delimited, stone, another, other, some, Roman-era, Greek, widespread, red, anecdotal, variated
Articles: a, an, the
Prepositions : on, of, in, to, for
Adverbs: not
Punctuation: —, ...
Sentence structure: Article + adjective + noun + prepositional phrase (article, noun, adjective) + have + not + verb + prepositional phrase (article, noun, adjective) +  article + adjective + noun (object) + prepositional phrase (article, noun, adjective + punctuation 
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